2018.07.10 building stories

moarqs has been featured on the exhibition “Building Stories” at Belen Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal.
Thanks a lot to the curators Amélia Brandão Costa and Rodrigo Da Costa Lima for your invitation!
July 10th to October 10th www.ccb.pt

“Building Stories is an exhibition about what cannot be easily perceived at first glance in architecture: an exhibition about how architecture is produced and built. Despite the construction process being just one aspect of a building, it forms the leitmotif of this exhibition, allowing us to understand architecture as a complex global whole. To build is an opportunity and this is often the main goal in architecture. In order for us to grasp this state of mind, the exhibition is therefore presented en brut, with its raw- ness transporting us to the foundations, to the continuous back- to-the-future which is a feature of every new project.
Building Stories is the representation of an abstract landscape made up of architectural fragments. Like a permanent construction site, it emphasises the dimensions of the exhibition space as if it was a piece of land or a contemporary industrial ruin where it is easy to imagine the cold smell of fresh cement and the sound of heavy machinery. The intent is to transcend the limits of the museum space and focus on architecture as a discipline…”
Amélia Brandão Costa and Rodrigo Da Costa Lima, curators.