2019 Survey UNSAM

The Medrano is a stream of Buenos Aires City that is sourcing in the party of General San Martin and mouth at the Rio de la Plata. The stream was piped between 1937 and 1942. Our work is developed along 1.6 km on the route of the stream buried below the current Av. Arturo Illia, in the San Martín city. In the manner of a waterfront, on each side of the avenue we find 9M wide pedestrian paths that become a public space of great activity where along its route various activities of every day are developed: orchards urban areas, restaurant expansions, bus stops, green floors, car parking, etc. This work of registration reveals a conception of the city as a type of ecosystem, where people, by necessity and following the pressures of the life, construct buildings that form a united whole, where formal and informal constructions merge; noble materials next to canopies; plastic chair; illuminated signs; car washes next to small houses, pancherías and restaurants, next to industrial shops.

Teaching Team: Abraham Becerra, Lucia Bieule, Anibal Bizzotto, Roberto Busnelli, Carlos Calissano, Juan Cura, Marìa Eizayaga, Pablo Etcheberrito, Alberto Fainstein, Carolina Fainstein, Fabiàn Garreta, Natalia Gugucich, Nadia Guillemi, Hoepner Sebastián, Aldo Loguercio, Ignacio Montaldo, Francisco Mur, Marta Oghievski, Gabriela Orsini, Federico Pastorino, Francesc Planas Penades, Atilio Ricca, Bruno Sirabo, Viggiano Walter, Mariano Ventrice.

Students: Lucas Aquino, Julia Romero, Eric Ruiz, Maribel Cubilla, Yesica Medina, Braian Lask, Agustina Martorell, Camila Santi, Agustina Abreguo, Leandro Capasso, Jonathan Castillo, Emilio Peillat, Facundo de las Casas, Carolina Di Paolo, Santiago Esposito, Fer- nando Salas, Leandro Gil, Agustín Gonzalez, Sofia Gorostide, Jennifer Grumberg, Pilar Ibañez, Sabrina Lencinas, TsuTsui Shin.