3 Faculty Cmpetition

Competition of preliminary projects Educational Complex and University Campus. CE-CU-TIGRE
Architects: Ignacio Montaldo, Federico Knichnyk, Rémi Davallet. Structure: Germán Comas, Eng. Fernando Saludas, Eng. February 2020.

The call for tenders for the construction of an Educational complex and University Campus in the Partido de Tigre highlights the need to build and provide quality educational infrastructure to society within the framework of the expansion of suburban housing produced in recent decades in the field of private development, which has produced a considerable migration of inhabitants of the city of Buenos Aires and the first cordon of the metropolitan area to new contexts.
Our proposal is based on the premise of generating an educational pole that bets on a quality of life with civic and urban values, that generates a complex that is respectful and friendly to the environment and that provides a quality public space that favors integration. social without distinction of race, gender, religion or political ideology.
In a context of large open spaces of difficult pedestrian appropriation, the consolidation of the complex from a dry plaza, and the design of net geometries, far from any formal rhetoric, solve with just balance the integration to the context, its appropriation by the audience and the emblematic expression that corresponds to the program.
This view of the problem led us to propose a complex of buildings, in which each of them, in addition to comfortably and efficiently solving their own function, plays a role in shaping a collective space that is the meeting space. among all the different users of the complex and from where we propose to make the main accesses. The premises for the creation of this space were to achieve good views of the riparian landscape of the relief channel, minimize landfills, take advantage of the best possible sunlight in the interior and exterior spaces and achieve the best performance from the complex shape of the terrain.