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cafar office


Provincial Contest New Building Offices and Complementary Activities for the Social Security Fund for Professionals of the Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Buenos Aires Province (CAFAR).

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Architects: Ignacio Montaldo, Angel Tundis, Torunn Vaksvik Skarstad.
Contributors: Alejo Naipauer, Isabel Schmid.
Structure: Comas Saludas, Ingenieros.
Sanitary: Study Labonia
Year: 2016

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The proposal seeks to solve a building with great programmatic and functional flexibility. It be able to meet the different temporary needs inherent to a building of these characteristics. It proposes to solve a building of a compact open plant towards the street with a vertical core circulation in the counter-front obtaining a 11mx12m free plant.
The building aims to be friendly to the city through a facade that protects the interior of the west sun in summer and resolves the structure.