expo 2023

International Ideas Competition EXPO 2023. City of Buenos Aires. Architects: Ignacio Montaldo, Angel Tundis, Martina Pera. Structure: Germán Comas, Ing. Fernando Saludas, Acoustic Engineer: Gustavo Basso, Ing. Surface: 7500m2.

The proposal consists in generating a large container incorporating in its interior the different used proposed within a flexible structure that allows the change of uses after the end of the exhibition. The large container is complemented by a gallery that provides a suitable scale to produce access from the boulevard, also functioning as a transition element and threshold between inside and outside. It works as a place of expansion that exceeds the limits of the building, organizing access and structuring the land. The gallery also solves the double possibility of access, either coming from the main entrance located in the Av. Gral Paz, or from the parking lots of the property accessing from the Av. Constituents, connecting the two extremes. Regarding the distribution of the main programs, we highlight that all the spaces of use that require the entry and exit of the public in a concentrated manner will be accessed from the ground floor, and the exhibition rooms that function as a procession, with a circular continuum of the public, They are located on the first and second level. The gallery also functions as a greenhouse, which at the same time generates an interior landscape, collaborates in the climate regulation of the building.