ICCE Contest
Nation Security Ministry
In association with Joaquin Moscato.
Architects: Ignacio Montaldo, Joaquin Moscato, Angel Tundis, Christian Dragan, achs.
Structure: Alberto Fainstein, Ing.
Graphic Design: Nicolas Risso, GD.
Organizer: FADU UBA
Area: 5000m2.

“When I talk about the creation of new Institutions, I think about the need to review existing ones. I believe that all human institutions are due to the inspiration of the men who created them. The need to learn is due to the way we have been created. Everything that nature creates reveals the way it has been done. “Louis Kahn.

The creation of a new Institution is the opportunity to think of a building that represents it and generates the place of presence of all the people and entities that make it up. An institution implies agreement and agreement: it is the order or principle on which the common characteristics of the group that it gathers are based. This agreement, cause and origin of the institution, is of great significance because it transcends time beyond the circumstances of any given moment.
We propose a timeless building, which proposes premises of efficiency, flexibility, constructive and structural honesty, economy and that build not only the interior spaces but also the site that contains it.