jujuy bus terminal

Concurso nacional de anteproyecto complejo terminal de ómnibus de San Salvador de Jujuy

Architects: Ignacio Montaldo, Silvia Colombo.
Collaborators: Lukas Gerber, Veronica Regazzoni, Maria Sol Imaz.
Place: San Salvador de Jujuy City, Jujuy, Argentina
Year: 2006
Area: 11.100m2

The building is located on the lands southern limit, its higher impact functions on the higher level of the land. This lessens the visual and sound impact, that buses can cause. The approach path and waiting areas are open towards the mountains, taking advantage of the view and its alignment in relation to the North.
The building strategic location, allows to use a great part of the land as a public park which, together with the buildings green deck, make a unitary landscape.
The building is organized linearly, generating approach paths from the park, with central circulation, in which programs are placed in a crossed fashion. This generates alternating views towards the platforms and the park, and also towards the mezzanine where the booking offices are located. This facilitates cross ventilation between all sectors.
The Tourism Secretary and Transport Management buildings, are integrated in volume to the bus terminal building, not yielding individuality. Acting as a link between both, is the surface in contact with the green deck of the building, where the long waiting area and a gastronomy sector are located. The access deck, apart from its thermal and visual functions, extends towards the outdoors This is an interpretation of the four regions in the province, under the shade of a pergola.
The park system is designed, considering its protection from the sun, due to its alignment. in relation to the West.The parking spaces as well as the circulation and recreation sectors, by means of alternating species and colors, are thus protected from thermal severity.