loma verde house


Loma Verde House


The assignment is a home for a young family, the lot in the town of Loma Verde in Escobar, in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, 55 km from the federal capital, on Route 9. Both members the couple work in Escobar and the construction of their first home in Loma Verde, far from the civic and administrative center of the area implies a change in their lifestyle. The lot dimensions are 15m wide x 30m deep. On the terrain there are three large trees that define the location of the house.
The house of 105 M2 is organized on a single floor and around a courtyard that opens onto the garden on one side. The interior height of the house is 2,40m with a living room ceiling of double height as to generate a window that incorporates the existing trees. Because of a tight economic frame both material and labor-wise, the house was resolved with a traditional load-bearing construction of 18cm ceramic brick with precast light ceiling slabs. This is the construction method and technology that is most utilized around the Greater Buenos Aires. Foundations are solved by a linked beam with piling with a diameter of 20cm going 150cm deep into the ground. The openings are sliding doors of bent sheet metal and cedar. Along the entire face of the house towards the garden runs a gallery, 1mt wide, that produces a small interspace between facade and an iron enclosure of fencing 2 “x 3/4”, constructed as folding sheets, 50cm wide.

Architect: Arch. Ignacio Montaldo.
Collaborators: Arch. Lucrecia Brero, Arch. Torunn Vaksvik Skarstad, Arch. Jerónimo Bailat, Arch. Sofia Tomaselli, Jhosangela Ramirez, Milagros Torres Davila, Andreina Medina, Maria Eugenia Grijalva Venegas.
Location: 1430 Arturo Boote Street, Loma Verde, Escobar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
Type of Project: House.
Structural Engineers: Ing. German Comas, Ing. Fernando Saludas.
Landscape Architecture: Ashild Mienna
Client: Private
Photography: Javier Agustin Rojas
Metallic frame windows: Osvaldo Miloz, Alejandro Bertossi.
Wood frame windows: Federico Bugada.
Glass Windows: Diego Choulet
Lighting consultant: Arch. Verónica La Cruz
Ablution: Eduardo Gamulin
Tender date: January 2014
Start on site date: June 2014
Construction duration: November 2015
Gross internal floor area: 95m2
Total cost: 90,000 US Dollar
Main contractor: Carlos Rodríguez Palare / Arch Michelle Rodríguez Palare.
Site manager: Arch Fernando Luna.