The project is part of the development ochoquebradas, a new urbanization of land facing the sea, located south of the Los Vilos city, Coquimbo region, in Chile. The project ochoquebradas seeks to develop the design of houses that harmonize both with its geographical and landscape environment, ensuring quality architecture. The proposal of our project is to intervene by producing the smallest footprint on the site, generating a series of interior and exterior spaces that provide the necessary comfort for a good life, facing the climate of the sun and the wind, from where to enjoy the marvelous landscape of the sea and the mountain range. The volume, together with its gallery, encloses an open patio that incorporates the natural landscape in the interior and from which the circulations and the different rooms of the house are structured. The work will be completely built in wood, from a module of 60cm x 60cm, with a structural grid of 3.60M x 3.60M.

Develop: ochoquebradas (http://www.ochoquebradas.cl/)

Architect: Ignacio Montaldo, Arch.

Collaborators: Christian Dragan, Pamela Litja.

Visualization: Jan Wilhelm Waehning.

Plot Area: 5000 M2

Area: 260 M2

Date project: 2018/2019.