rawson legislature


Ignacio Montaldo, Silvia Colombo, Eugenio Ottolenghi.
Collaborators: Pablo Falsoi, Damián Benedetti, Lascano Silvina, Moscoso Cecilia.
Place: Rawson City, Chubut, Argentina
Year: 2004
Area: 5.300m2

The building of the Honorable Legislature of Chubut Province is a true milestone in Rawson City.
The building comprises a main volume that houses the Hall of Representatives, and a secondary lower one, which encloses the office area, now obsolete and the reason for the present tendering process.
With this premise in mind, we understand that the project for the future extension and reassignment of functions of the Legislatures administration, must be respectful of (not compete formally with) the volume of the Hall of Representatives.
We understand this commission as a new and unique program, in which we must resolve a building, that assimilates the already existing structure and finds a flexible space conception, apt for the present needs.
Under this premise, we propose to absorbe the present construction, and include it in new volumetric, made real by means of boundaries. In this way, the first one is assigned a new meaning and the volume of the Chamber is prioritized, emphasizing its presence in the park as well as the city.
These boundaries are set, having in mind a concept of repetition and differences, alternating a sole construction module, blind or glazed. This variation allows the adjustment to lighting and ventilation requirements of indoor settings, and, on the other hand, the level control of sunlight according to the points of compass.
The existing approach path is preserved, on Mitre St. (institutional entrance). This sector of the building encloses the areas of public access: Ombudsman office, auditorium and library. We wish to point out the importance of the latter, which will be a true cultural bridge between the legislature and the citizens of Rawson.
Its relation with the park and the inner yard guarantee a silent and well lit space.
The location of the library, as well as that of the auditorium, close to the approach path, allows activities taking place in both halls to be independent (time schedules) from the rest of the building. The upper lever is reserved for the Presidency, the Vice-Presidency, Legislators, Blocs and Commissions. All of them are easily linked with the Sessions Hall.
Summing up, we understand that our proposal reaches an area of urban relevance, which prioritizes and adds new value to the civic center. And it resolves a design, which reassures the modern tradition of public buildings in Rawson City.